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Newly married Anchal sharma and udeep shrestha experience love in lockdown.

Actress Aanchal Sharma entered the house of her boyfriend Udeep Shrestha as a bride on March 12. Aanchal and Udeep’s marriage was widely reported in the media.
Less than two weeks after entering into married life, Nepal was paralyzed by Corona’s tragedy. Since then, Aanchal and Udeep have been locked up at home.

They have not been able to go on their honeymoon after marriage and now they are spending time with each other indoors. Aanchal says that they got to know and understand each other well during this time.
“We didn’t have to go on a honeymoon to get to know each other,” she said. We’re having fun at home. ‘

Anchal was unaware of her honeymoon. Mr. Udip had arranged everything. She was waiting for the surprise that her husband was going to give her.
“The place we go to is only open twice a year,” she said. You have to book in advance to go there. Now the time is up. Now Udipaji has said he will go next time. ‘
Aanchal said that the lockdown was beneficial for them. He says that he has found love in many ways during this time. She said, ‘It would have been difficult to give time to each other if there was no lockdown. But now we can spend 24 hours together. We are happy about that. ‘
Aanchal and Udip are busy with household chores. Sometimes they go into the kitchen, sometimes they start cleaning the room. Aanchal says, ‘We do everything together. It doesn’t have to do this, it doesn’t have to do that. Udipaji is helping me while I am working. ‘