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16-hour fasting and keto diet can cause gastric problems: Dr. Akhilesh Kashyap.

The wave of fasting is widespread in the city. Someone will reduce obesity, someone will get rid of a chronic disease, someone will get a smooth digestive system. Therefore, for all these, there is a method that many people adopt, fasting.

Lately, there has been a trend of 16 hours of intermittent fasting. Doctors say that although it gives some good results immediately, it has bad effects in the long run. In this context, gastroenterologist Dr. Talked to Akhilesh Kashyap.

Now the trend of fasting for 16 hours is widespread. Does it have any effect?

Intermittent fasting for 16 hours is very beneficial. However, fasting for a long time can affect the acid in the stomach. After the food does not arrive in time, the acid goes into the food pipe or small intestine, which starts affecting the digestive process. Therefore, problems like gastric, acidity may appear.

Is this type of fasting more beneficial or harmful?

It seems to be beneficial in controlling diabetes, weight loss and high blood pressure. However, it does more harm than good to gastric patients.

Even if someone is suffering from ulcers, bleeding from the intestines of the stomach, it does not give that much benefit. Some people may not know that they have gastritis, which may lead to more health problems. People who don’t have gastritis can get gastritis, but it seems that it can add even more complications to people who have it. As far as possible, before doing this, it is better to undergo a health check-up and fast properly on the advice of a doctor.

In what cases can fasting be harmful? Or what kind of stomach related problems do you not have to fast?

As much as possible, it is better for a person with gastritis not to fast for 16 hours. It is harmful for people with ulcers, cancer and people with gastritis.

Some people are saying that despite taking keto diet, gastric problem is happening. Can those who take the keto diet have gastric problems?

Keto diet taken for weight loss also causes gastric problems. In this, only more protein is given priority, so a problem may arise. Similarly, some may have intestinal problems such as constipation and flatulence.

First, it is necessary to understand what caused gastritis. It is important to know whether it is due to some disease or due to diet. If you have gastritis due to a common problem, you can follow the keto diet after treatment. But if the ulcer has already developed, if you have gastric problems for a long time, you should not eat as much as possible. It is important to consult a doctor before starting a keto diet.

What complications can cause gastric?

After gastric ulcer is more likely to occur. If there is an ulcer in the small intestine, 98 percent will get better by itself. If the same ulcer is in the stomach, it can also be cancer. In that case, endoscopy can be done. Ulcers bleed. If the ulcer is not detected and treated in time, the small intestine can burst into the stomach. That is its main complication.

Because of gastritis, there will be a problem in the throat, right?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease causes throat problems due to gastritis. This happens when stomach acid repeatedly backs up into the tube that connects your mouth and stomach. This acid reflux can cause a burn in your esophagus.

Reflux disease is more common in people who are obese and smoke. Reflux acid goes into the bell. Which causes dry cough and burning sensation. This is a digestive problem. However, when this problem is noticed, they go to the chest doctor as a problem of bells, where the treatment is not found. Its problem is known only after endoscopy.

What kind of food is necessary for gastric?

It should be eaten 4 times. Vegetables, high fiber foods should be eaten. Spicy and greasy foods should be eaten less. Home food should be given priority.

Can you eat without gastric medicine treatment?

Everyone has already taken medicine before coming to the doctor. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. But as far as possible, it is advisable to take medicine only after seeing the doctor. We advise patients who are not well even after taking gastric medicine for 4 days to take medicine only after doing endoscopy. Gastric often causes pain above the navel, heart attack also causes the same pain. If the problem of pain increases, it is necessary to perform ECG. You should also see a heart doctor.

What to do to prevent gastritis?

If you have a habit of exercising daily, reducing stress, eating balanced meals 4 times a day, drinking plenty of clean water, eating healthy food, taking painkillers as much as possible, you should stop. If you have to eat, eat less, don’t smoke and drink alcohol.

(Dr. Kashyap holds an MD in Medicine from Manipal University, India, a fellowship in Gastroenterology from AIIMS and a DM from AIIMS.)


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