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Handle your Flirty Partner to Stave off your Insecurities

When you first met him, it was his charming personality what got you attracted to him. But now his flirtatious nature makes you insecure because it makes you wonder why he still needs to flirt when he has you.

If your man has this habit of flirting with other women and is extremely popular with the ladies, here are a few tips to handle the situation and stave off the insecurities.

Is he really flirting?

Does it bother you when your guy notices some other girl? Is he just smiling and talking? Or flirting? These are some questions that you should ask yourself before jumping to conclusions and letting the misunderstanding wreak havoc in your relationship. Even if he is looking at a girl, it doesn’t exactly make him a cheater. You must have checked out a fair share of guys yourself.

So, hold your thoughts a little and calmly think if he is really flirting or just talking. Sometimes, our insecurities cloud our judgment and get better of the situation.

Find out the reason

Why is he flirting if he already has you? Ask yourself if there is something wrong in the relationship? There might be a legit reason behind all of this. If you keep nagging your guy about talking to girls, this might lay him off. Too much insecurity can also make your guy worried about the future of your relationship or he might be seeking love and attention from somebody else because he is not getting any from you.

Tell him how you feel

You have to know the reason first and for that, you need to talk to him. There is a possibility that he does not realize that what he is doing is bothering or upsetting you. Let him know if this makes you uncomfortable or puts you in a difficult situation where you don’t understand what to do. If you don’t talk to him, you might end up making a hasty decision and ruin your relationship.

Set some rules

Once you have put your issues in front of him, it is time to decide on what should be done after this. If he was doing it unknowingly, then you both need to set some ground rules as a couple, thinking what works best for you and your partner in this situation. Tell each other what to what extent you are comfortable when they talk to other girls. Do not try to impose anything.

Know when to let go

If your guy didn’t change his flirting habits, even after you guys collectively decided what you like and don’t like, then it is time that you move on. If he can’t mend his ways and sort this kind of an issue, it will only to fights and arguments, which can make your life a living hell. It will be better for you to end things right here and find yourself a guy worthy of you.

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