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Facebook has become the most popular app of the decade

Millions of apps are available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s Appstore. Which of these apps is used by millions of mobile phone users worldwide to get the most downloaded apps in the last decade? This is a natural phenomenon.

A recent report has calmed the curiosity. According to the data, Facebook has been number one in the list of the most downloaded apps in the last decade.

Popular social media platform Facebook’s app has succeeded to become the most downloaded app of this decade, reports research firm App Anne.

Not only Facebook’s main app, but three other Facebook family apps – Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram – are also among the most downloaded Top Five apps.

Apart from these four apps from the Facebook family, Snapchat is another app that is successful in becoming a top five. It is noteworthy that in the year 2 Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $ 2 billion. However, Snapchat rejected Facebook’s offer.

The top five most downloaded apps to date are Skype, Ticket, UC Browser, YouTube and Twitter, except for the top five.

According to the report, seven of the ten most downloaded apps in this decade have been affected by seven communications and social media apps. Of the apps downloaded from Toptan, eight are apps from US companies, while Ticketke and UC Browser are under Chinese companies.

The report not only lists the most downloaded apps, but also lists the apps that have spent the most money. According to which users have spent the most on Netflix this decade. The second number is the dating app Tinder. Third place is Pandora Music, Tencent Video in fourth and Line in fifth.

Likewise, the most frequently downloaded gaming app is Subway Surfers. Candy Cross is second on the list, with Temple Run Two, My Talking Tom and Class of Clans fifth. Similarly, Class of Clans is ranked first in the highest spend of the user, while Monster Strike is second, Candy Cross third, Puzzle and Dragons fourth and Fat Grand Order fifth.

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