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2019-Cannes Fashion Shows Indian Start Delightful Performance


In Cannes 2019 ; Bollywood star and artist makes to perform on her delighting performance Hina Khan , Aishwarya Rai, Kangana Ranaut  all start will  performed by looking gorgeous glow and shining with in Cannes film fare festival running up  in cannes all of them are performing highly active and shinning standard and modesty lighting looks as gorgeous her charms, the perfection of a beautiful woman is brighter and the Walking with shining looks of heaven.



Hina Khan 

Hina Khan even performed delighting views in Cannes for a fabric colored costume, but she depart supportive happy for metallic silver costume and much softer silhouette. When she will performed then several one shown her leg when, she too exhibited annoying itself her legs accompanied by the high or average skirt of the costumer. Her fashion and makeup looks was shining and gorgeous glows.

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While in the next performance her costumer may gorgeous and shining with wow looks that impressive in Cannes audition. Her costume will be encrusted of his dress and audition may impressive at Hina curves in the perfect way possible to the step length of silver joining in a best attachment of drama .

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The highly deep performance show she will openly done back and would be looked a bit too risky on someone else but on Hina it looked stylish and tasteful.




Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai had two interesting looks at the Cannes this year. First, let’s talk about this metallic gold dress with one sleeve and a very interesting train in the back. Was Aishwarya going for that Oscar look? Structurally it’s a very interesting design, we’re just not so sure about the golden material.

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The other look Aishwarya wore to the red carpet was much softer. She essentially appeared in a white cloud of feathers blowing kisses to the photographers. A classy updo and a sparkly smokey eye work wonderfully with the whole aesthetic.



Kangana Ranaut

For the first day at Cannes Kangana wore a golden Kanjeevaram saree by Falguni Shane Peacock with a fun vintage twist thanks to her hairstyle and purple gloves. We must admit, she looked incredible!

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She also wore an elegant yet structured white gown to the red carpet, which just proves that there isn’t a dress or style that Kangana can’t pull off. She really can wear it all and look amazing in it.