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Decision making

Decision making

According to the philosophers “Don’t make decision when you are angry and don’t make promise when you are happy”. Small step in right direction can turn out the biggest step of our life. Decision Making is an important function in management, since decision-making is related to problem, an effective decision-making helps to achieve the desired goals or objectives by solving such problems. A logical and ordered process can help you to do this by making sure that you address all of the critical elements needed for a successful outcome. A good decision is based on the person knowledge and wisdom.

A major part of decision-making involves the analysis of a finite set of alternatives described in terms of evaluative criteria. Like if we make certain type of decision then we have to think about the both of result that what happen if it gives positive result or what will happen if it gives negative result. Decision-making is the process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values, preferences and beliefs of the decision-maker.

If we have to make a very difficult decision than some point is to be remember which will help to make a better decision:

  1. Defining the problem

  2. Gathering information and collecting data

  3. Developing and weighing the options

  4. Choosing best possible option

  5. Plan and execute

  6. Take follow up action

By these plans You can also use your imagination and additional information to construct new alternative. place the alternatives in a priority order, based upon your own value system. The results of your decision and evaluate whether or not it has resolved the need you identified in Step 1. When making major decisions, it beneficial to take your time in order to make the best choice from your options. The opinions of people that you trust or speak to experts and professionals, because it will help you to come up with a variety of solutions when weighing all your options for a final decision.






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