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Newly married celebrity experience love in lockdown.

On March 30 priyanka Karki and Ayushman Deshraj Joshi they got married .The couple is now living in a new house in Bhasipati. There are only two of them living there. Priyanka also says that it is time to love them in Lakdaun. He says that he has time in his busy life and he has got a chance to love each other.

The couple did not plan their honeymoon cause Priyanka was busy with work, she did not think about honeymoon.Priyanka says, ‘I am working with two foreign teams. So we didn’t plan our honeymoon. We are celebrating our honeymoon at home. ‘

This couple is not upset because of the lockdown. Since there are only two people in the house, you have to work in the kitchen yourself. They have not done any work in the kitchen. Priyanka says, ‘If I am eager to cook, I will cook. If AYUSH wakes up, he will cook it. Otherwise, we will cook together. We don’t have to do that. ‘PriyankaandAyushman are not really ‘foodies’. Whatever happens to them happens. Priyanka says that she only ate food once.

Actress Deepika Prasai and director Diwakar Bhattarai got married on April 7 last year. One year has passed since they got married. They have traveled to many countries under the pretext of honeymoon.However, the heroine Prasai Lakdaun also says that it is like a kind of ‘honeymoon time’.”We are together now,” she said. Whatever we do, we do together. It is not difficult to pass the time. In a sense, now is the honeymoon time. ‘She said it was the perfect time to fall in love.