Shah Rukh Khan

300 fans danced in front of Mannat along with Shah Rukh Khan and created a world record

Shah Rukh Khan and Yash Raj Films’ film ‘Pathan’ is premiering on television from next Sunday. In this context, a fan has set a Guinness world record by standing in front of his Niwas Mannat and dancing in Shahrukh’s signature pose.

300 fans standing in front of Mannat and spreading their hands made this record. Supporting the fans, Shahrukh stood on the balcony of the residence and spread his hands. Also exchanged smiles for hundreds of fans. Fans have attempted this record with the aim of making the premiere special on Goldstar TV on June 18. The Guinness Book of World Records has also recognized this fan’s effort as a record.

Not only Star Gold, this record must have made Shah Rukh’s fans all over the world happy. “We are proud that Shah Rukh and his fans are standing together for this cause,” a Star Gold spokesperson told The Times of India.

Shah Rukh stood on the balcony and congratulated and thanked the fans for this achievement. Pathan has earned more than one thousand crores worldwide.