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4 teams banned from PUBG Mobile’s 100 crore prize tournament, know what was the reason

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 is in its third stage and is the Regional Group Stage. This stage has started from 16 February and will run till 21 February. A total of 27 regions participated in PMCO 2021, more than 500 teams started playing the tournament and now the selected teams are left after the qualifiers are over. Now according to the new tweet from the developers, four of these teams have been kicked out of the tournament due to cheating. PUBG Mobile Esports (@EsportsPUBGM) has tweeted that 4 teams have been eliminated from the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 (PMCO 2021) tournament. The players of these teams are accused of using third-party software. However, the developers have not given any information about what kind of scripts it was. Players have been banned, as well as their teams have been kicked out of the tournaments. 

PUBG is very serious about mobile tournaments, so the entire tournament is strictly monitored. Many teams of developers keep an eye on the playing teams and anti-cheat systems are also used. Let us know that PCMO is currently being played on the group stage, with a price pool of $ 1.6 million, which is approximately Rs 11.6 crore. Not only this, the price pool of the entire tournament is $ 14 million i.e. approximately Rs 101 crore. The finals of PMCO will be played from 24 February to 28 February. No e-sports team from India has participated in the tournament this time, as the game has been banned in the country. Many Indian PUBG mobile teams have done well in previous tournaments.


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