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5 Facts About Men, Women And Relationship:


Knows about the best relationships first was the feeling towards their romantic thought among sexual attraction, in this attraction feeling was destination then unlucky they failed in relationships. Any one in truly relationship by the women curious to learn what kind of attractions will be finding by men on her beauties. Here is a list of traits that are far more important than beauty.

1.) Journey Of Adventurous:

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Journey was the kind of perfect in relationship but in belief of attraction love by men deeply went to love and respect while  women who live life to the perfection on attachment. Actually willingness was the attachment feeling only not love while to new like objects and even accept hazards.

2.) In Settlement:

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Having lack of consensus was a perfectly ordinary bits of a relationship. Regardless of how, inflexibility and a “my way or the highway” only leads to misery. This is why men appreciate women who are able to negotiate and find a solution that satisfies both partners. This could be true for hobbies (i.e, the guy takes his girl to a football game in exchange for her taking him to a musical) but will especially come in handy when it comes to important matters such as raising children together.

3) Feeling Or Showing Confidence:

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A good boyfriend strives to make his Significant Other feel special, but there is nothing sexier than a woman who understands her own worth. Men might like a girl with a pretty face and nice figure, but if she is in need of constant reassurances that they are attractive or cannot accept a compliment, it will eventually wear a guy down and he will move on to a woman who is happy with who she is.

4.) A Perfect Horizontal On Persuasion:

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When it comes to relationships, neither partner can keep the other under 24-hour surveillance, nor should they. Constantly calling a guy to find out where he is or dictating which friends he can and can’t see will only create tension and foster distrust. Ultimately, feeling jealous and paranoid will never result in happiness. This is why men love dating women who can trust that they will be faithful.

5.) On Mildness:

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Being hot is no substitute for being warm. Men love women who act kind. This not only applies to the relationship, but also when she meets his friends and family. Nothing creates stability like winning over those who mean the most to her man.


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