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5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When You’re In A Relationship


The influence of social media on people is increasing day by day. The craze of social media is such that people spend most of their time sharing various posts.

People use social media not only for business purposes but also to share their personal issues on social media. How appropriate is it to share various things related to your personal life and relationship on social media?

Posting or sharing things related to personal life on social media can have a very bad effect on a person’s life. It is necessary to share on social media only by identifying what is right or wrong.

What should be shared on social media that is compatible with relationships and personal life?


Normal arguments or fights happen in every relationship and it is considered normal. But it is very wrong to write or show about the same fight on social media. This only aggravates the conflict. In addition, it can hurt your partner’s self-esteem. However, his image in front of other people can be bad. So instead of posting such things on social media, you should share your thoughts with like-minded people.

Expensive gift

It is wrong to show your partner on social media about the gift he gave you. Sharing gifts on social media can create a bad feeling in the eyes of your partner as well as others.

Personal photo

Do not post personal photos with your partner on social media. This can cause various problems.

Places to visit

If you’re planning a vacation, don’t post it on social media.


If there is a breakup between you and your partner, do not post it on social media. That can make the way people look at you. And then the chances of the relationship improving again are diminishing.