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50 dreams that Sushant saw, which did not come true.

Hero Sushant Singh Rajput, who was trying to succeed in Bollywood, committed suicide. He committed suicide by hanging himself in his Bandra apartment. Her body has been autopsied. According to Indian media, hehasconfirmed his suicide.With the demise of Sushant, various aspects of his life are being made public at this time. Some time ago, he made public his 50 dreams on social media. Which is now becoming popular.

From ‘Kai Po Che’ to ‘Chichhore’, this is Sushant’s Bollywood journey Sushant’s 50 dreams range from flying an airplane to playing tennis. He had 50 dreams of learning to fly an airplane, playing left-handed cricket, playing tennis with a champion, planting a thousand trees, and spending the evening in the hostel of the Delhi College where he studied.

Similarly, the dream of sending 100 children to NASA for a workshop, writing a book, attending another NASA workshop, making six packs for 6 months, spending a week in the woods, going for a walk in LIG, learning to ride a horse, learning 10 dance steps, working for free education. Even he had seen.

Actor Sushant Singh’s suicide. Other dreams include learning Kriya Yoga, shooting a volcanic eruption, teaching children to dance, playing guitar to the tune of his 50 songs, playing chess with a champion, traveling all over Europe by train, and making a documentary on Swami Vivekananda.


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