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7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube

You’ve probably heard that keywords are important to your SEO and YouTube marketing, but you might not know where to start. You’re here now, though! I’m going to show you how keyword research can help with both goals. And I’ll also share some free tools that help make it easy (and fun!) for anyone in any industry or field to do their own searches for those terms.


7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube 1SEMrush is a great tool for keyword research, and it’s available for free. It’s also one of the best-paid tools on this list. SEMrush helps you find keywords and demonstrate their popularity in your industry or niche. If you’re looking to rank YouTube videos, this tool can help with that as well!

Google Search Console

7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube 2Google Search Console is a free tool that can help you find search volume data for your keywords. You’ll also be able to get suggestions for related keywords, which will let you see how they’re performing in the context of what you’re looking for. It’s a good place to start your keyword research!

Keywords Everywhere

7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube 3Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that allows you to see all of the keywords that Google is ranking for on any given page. It’s a great tool for finding new keywords to target, and it’s also useful for discovering what your competitors are ranking for in order to understand how they’re getting traffic from Google.


Soovle is a keyword research tool that lets you enter your target keywords, and then shows you how many times they appear in search engines. It’s a great way to get an idea of what people are searching for—and it will definitely help you craft better content!

7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube 4

Soovle can help you find out:

  • How many times a word or phrase appears in Google Search results (and other top sites)
  • The average bid price when someone searches for this term

Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool for tracking trending topics. It can show you how often people are searching for specific keywords or phrases, as well as how many searches have been done in a given time frame.7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube 5

For example: if you want to know if there’s been an uptick in interest around the keyword “YouTube SEO,” all you need to do is run a Google Trends query using that word and see what pops up. If you see “YouTube SEO,” then it’s likely that some new content has gone live which would be relevant enough for people to start searching about it!

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that lets you see how many people are searching for a particular keyword and how much competition there is. It also gives you the option to see what other keywords are related to yours, so if you’re looking for something specific, it can be useful in helping you narrow down your search term.

7 FREE Keyword Research Tools for SEO & YouTube 6However, although this might seem like a good idea at first glance—and it certainly is—there are drawbacks:

  • You have no control over what data Google gathers from its users; so while they may show up in your own reports or on their own website (if they’re willing), they won’t necessarily reflect what’s happening outside of their system.*
  • The results aren’t always accurate because they’re based on estimates rather than actual data.*

In addition to these issues with accuracy and reliability, there’s one more thing I strongly recommend against doing: using any kind of automated tool when trying out new keywords!

You can do a lot of good keyword research for FREE.

You can do a lot of good keyword research for FREE.

Some tools are better than others, but they’re all viable options if you have the time and patience to learn how to use them.

Here are some tips on what makes each of these tools so great:

  • SEMrush – This tool is great for finding long-tail keywords that people are searching for in your niche (and even some less common ones) as well as their SERPs (search engine result pages). It also offers a ton of other features like exporting data into Excel files or uploading into Google Analytics accounts so that you can keep track of how many times each keyword appears on Google’s search results pages across different devices like smartphones or tablets versus desktop computers/laptops etc…


If you’re looking for a free tool to help you with your keyword research, there are a lot of great ones out there. SEMrush is one of the most popular tools available and we love it! Not only does it offer some great tools that can help you analyze your campaigns and keywords, but it also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to use or learn how things work. If you need more than just that though, Google Search Console is another good option as well as Keywords Everywhere which provides similar functionality without being quite as complex.


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