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726 when buying Nifra shares, Rs. 508 when coming into account!

Last Tuesday, investor Naresh Amatya bought shares of Nepal Infrastructure Bank (NEFRA) at Rs 726 per share. He had ordered to buy one thousand shares from the Trade Management System (TMS) as soon as the market opened, fearing that he would not be able to buy the shares that day. Amatya had invested Rs 726 in the wake of market rumors that the price of Nifra was going up. Despite knowing that the company’s financial situation was not so good, he bought the shares in the hope of selling when the price still rises. “The price is still rising. My friends used to say that it should be raised as much as possible,” he said.

Such an arrangement will benefit those who aim to buy and sell shares at a cheaper price within a day or to fulfill their obligation by buying at a cheaper price after buying at a higher price. Not only that, but the study is also being done on whether the shares that you do not have can be sold on loan and the shares can be repaid later as a loan. “We are now studying the situation in different countries,” Parajuli said.



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