83- time-old grandma boards first flight of her life to attend granddaughter’s marriage

People travel great distances to attend the marriages of their musketeers and cousins. This 83- time-old grandma assured that she reached her granddaughter’s big day at any cost and on time. Indeed if it meant boarding a flight for the first time in her life. Her trip was proved by her cousins and participated online. It has now gone viral and spread cheer among netizens. The clip shows the grandmother leaving her home for the field with her family. She smiles as she sits inside the aeroplane

with the boarding pass in her hand. The clip also shows her resting in a auto after landing at the destination. The pleasurable videotape was posted on the Instagram account’ thebadimummy’ on January 6. It has now collected over 4 lakh likes and over a million views. The account is run by the woman’s granddaughter, Akanksha Parashar.

Netizens expressed their love for the videotape and praised the grandma for her courage. A stoner wrote,” Loads of blessings and love to the family who’s taking such a care like a baby and the alleviation n will n love she’s having and travelling so far heads of wish you with Good Health.” So happy to see this videotape. Grandparents are just a blessing. They earn the total of happiness,” wrote another stoner. ” Omg this is the first time I saw the word Badi mummy we used to call my dadi Ji also badi mummy.

This reminded me of her. Thanks for sharing! God bless badi corpus,” wrote a third stoner. After seeing the videotape, numerous druggies participated stories of their own grandparents passing flight trip for the first time.


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