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9 things to consider before purchasing an infrared stove

The Nepali market offers products from Baltra, Yesuda, Electron, Media, Prestige, Philips, Ageno, Omega, CG, and LG. There are primarily two types of infrared stoves on the market: manual and digital. There are two different types of functions for push and touch buttons. Infrared ovens come in two varieties: those that can hold two pots and those that can only hold one.

9 things to consider before purchasing an infrared stove 1
People who are considering purchasing an infrared oven should educate themselves about the oven before making a purchase, according to Sushil Kailash Shrestha, manager of the electronics company Media. According to Shrestha, you should only purchase a stove after carefully examining its brand, quality, warranty, service support, and other issues.

9 things to consider before purchasing an infrared stove 2

It is preferable to look for infrared stoves with child safety features and purchase those. Considerations to make before purchasing an infrared stove

1. Avoid using an infrared oven, similar to a gas oven, to cook food continuously for more than two to three hours. The food’s glass may break if it is cooked continuously for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, it is recommended to cook another meal after a while after cooking the first one. 2. The maximum amount of food that can be cooked in an infrared oven is five liters. It can only hold five liters of dishes due to the limited space available. 3. The food cooks quickly and thoroughly because the infrared oven heats up quickly and maintains an even temperature. This stove’s wattage can be increased, allowing you to adjust the power based on how quickly you need to cook. 4. Despite the fact that the

How much does it cost? The cost of the infrared oven may vary depending on the location and the business. Infrared stoves typically cost between 2500 and 9000 rupees. The cost of an infrared stove may be slightly higher than that of an induction stove. However, Shrestha claims that because induction cooking requires the purchase of iron or stainless steel, infrared stoves are typically more affordable.


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