A high-altitude sports training facility has not yet materialized.

Many years after they were announced, high altitude sports training centers in Mustang and Baglung are still not under construction. The federal and provincial governments proposed the two major sports infrastructure projects.

In the fiscal year 2075–2076, the Gandaki provincial government has announced the opening of a training facility in the rural Mustang community of Waragung Muktichettra. The government set aside Rs 10 million in the same year’s budget for the technical study and comprehensive project report.

Ghanshyam Poudel, the director of the province’s Ministry of Social Development and Health’s Youth and Sports Division, claimed that the project has been dragged down by the delay in site acquisition. “Only after the land has been managed will infrastructure be built.”

Work will continue, he declared.

It will take some time to complete the land purchase process, according to Hari Bhujel, the head of the Land Revenue Office Mustang. The land has been determined to exist, and the survey has just been finished.

Ringjing Namgel Gurung, the chairman of Waragung Muktichettra Rural Municipality, expressed the optimism that the province government will move through with the project now that the land purchase procedure had begun.

Similar to this, the project to construct a high altitude sports training facility in Dhorpatan in Baglung has languished unfinished for years. In 2075 BS, a feasibility study for the project was conducted by the federal government’s Ministry of Youth and Sports and National Sports Council.

Dhan Bahadur Pariyar, a former president of the District Sports Development Committee in Baglung, remarked

Forest and wildlife issues have made it difficult to get the ownership rights to the land needed for the project. The Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve contains the property that is being sought for the sports training facility.

Lakshman Prasad Yogi, the head of the Western Regional Sports Development Committee, claimed that Dhorpatan is a viable and prospective location for a high altitude sports site and that merging sports and tourism may help the nation’s economy.

Sports professionals believe that high altitude training facilities can assist athletes succeed in their particular sport. Athletes can perform better in environments with more oxygen if they train in high altitudes with less oxygen.

A high altitude sports training facility, according to sports specialists, can beconstructed in Nepal between 2,500 and 4,000 meters above sea level. The federal government also announced the creation of a high altitude sports training center in the policy and program for the fiscal year 2077–2078, although it has not yet done so.


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