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A Mero Hajur 3 movie review

A Mero Hajur 3 Given the nature of its love story, A Mero Hajur 3 could have been a metafilm that could present to the audience the underbelly of the entertainment Nepali film industry. However, it is so poorly developed that it ends up being a cheap and comic parody of a star’s power and limitations.

Anmol KC’s acting as the ‘megastar’ has improved. Jharana’s daughter Suhana Thapa’s performance can also be considered satisfactory because it is her debut project. Both of them have exhibited the potential to exert unconscious influences on the audience through their bold and appealing acting in Nepali film industries.

Hence, you come out of the theatre questioning what is A Mero Hajur 2 all about. Is it a comic parody, a love story, or religious preaching? And, what are its themes and key messages?


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