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A village in Britain, where people do not wear clothes

There is one such village in the UK where people who live do not wear clothes. There is a small village in Birketwood, Hertfordshire, UK, named after the village Spilplatz. The people of this village are fully clothed, with a sophisticated lifestyle and sophistication. People have been living in this village for the past six years. Be it women or men, boys or girls, old or young, all naked. Even the guests who come to this village should stay dressed.

In fact, the villagers also come here to rent their houses. Even tourists coming here should stay naked while following the rules of the village. The villagers have their own wind, swimming pool, bungalow and catering. Here people live fully integrated into nature. People are given the freedom to dress in the cold. This village was discovered by a man named Isolt Richardson in 1969.


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