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A world of jumpers at night parties

As the night goes on in the metros. In addition to the grand lounges, clubs and restaurants that are open in various places of the city, many parties are being organized for drug and alcohol addiction.

Such parties are now known as Night Fever. The Late Night Party is a no-brainer, a drink, a drink and a drummer. In smaller cities and metros, the prevalence of such parties is increasing rapidly. After ten o’clock in the night, the number of young men and women begins to increase in most clubs in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal and Dharan. In the name of fun, a party that lasts from midnight to dawn shows love for the young, forgetting the world and enjoying the new world.

If such a party gets the chance to welcome the new year from Christmas Eve, then the atmosphere will change even more, with a fun and entertaining event that breaks all boundaries and takes the young people to a new era.

In Hindi, Nepali and English songs, a fun party begins with a peg filled with alcohol. Whatever happens for fun, the party has its roots. Many varieties of alcohol such as beer, vodka and various types of intoxicants try to make the party fun and elegant every moment.As the night progresses, the party’s excitement begins to increase. As time goes on, they lose control. Alcohol intoxication begins to affect the mind and heart. As the night progresses, those who are addicted to alcoholism begin to swing and rejoice in the melody of the song. Similarly, a group of young men on the other hand lead the Western civilization.

Contrary to our civilization and according to Western civilization, the team of young men and women who are willing to do whatever they want to enjoy at such a party will leave no stone unturned to enjoy. So a great group of young people are ready for every moment, colored in tranquility and intoxication, free from all kinds of stress and chores and chores.

When and where did the Late Night Party begin?

The Late Night Party started a few years ago in Goa, India. Gradually the party craze began to increase in the cities and metros of our country. Night fever is increasing its craze in different cities of our country yesterday. In the coming New Year’s reception, such parties are held at malls, discos and farm houses in every metropolis.

Late night party expenses

Generally, each Night Fever has its own set of calculations. But, such a party is very expensive. You need to have at least 1 to 3 thousand rupees per person to enjoy the night fever of the club and disco. Likewise, a group of young people should spend between Rs.

This group can consist of 1 to 2 adolescents. The cost of a party held on Saturday, a Saturday night party, a New Year party, and other special events costs a little more than a normal day. New Year’s welcome party costs more than all the other night parties.

Party Craze in Young People

A large group of young people can be found standing in favor of such a party. Youths from every small to big city are eager to be part of such a night fever party at least once. In a metropolis like Kathmandu, it is 9 pm. A group of young people are starting to gather for the night fever to be held in clubs from courthouses to Thamel.

Such parties are also punished

Night parties are also likely to increase the use of drugs and drug paraphernalia. The business of the three may be booming in the wake of such parties. So are the young people who go to the party for the first time. They have come into the world of waste, unwanted or unwanted. The incidence of collective misconduct at such parties may also be falling on some young women. However, due to social shame and shame, the victim does not talk openly about such incidents. In this way, youths or youths suffer from mental stress.

Young people have found their own reasons for joining such a party. On the condition of anonymity, one youth says – “These types of parties are good for the fun of young people.” However, in such parties, how you control yourself is important. Parties are organized for fun, not for indecency. Whoever thinks such parties are organized for pornography, they are wrong. ‘

According to another youth who participates in the Night Fever party every week, the early stages of such colorful parties, organized by the name of Night Fever, were like a sea of ​​fun for young people. However, the nature of such parties has changed over time. According to him, drugs and pornography have transformed such parties.

Another youth active in modeling says, “Even today, such parties are becoming indispensable for some fun in the busy life of today’s modern age. If the youth of such a party were able to control themselves, then the thrill of the party would be doubled.


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