Aamir left the laptop given by Shahrukh for five years

Aamir left the laptop given by Shahrukh for five years

After a long time when Aamir went to turn on the unused laptop on the manager’s advice, an even bigger surprise awaited him

King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan once gifted another actor Aamir Khan a laptop. While Shah Rukh had a keen interest in technology, Aamir was the complete opposite. So even after five years of receiving the gift, he did not turn on that laptop.

In the end, however, Aamir decided to turn on the laptop gifted by Shah Rukh. But by then it was too late. When Amir’s manager went to turn on the laptop after a long time, it was no longer in working condition. This was reported by the Indian media, Indian Express.

A video of Aamir Khan’s speech at Nasscom’s Annual Technology and Leadership Summit has gone viral on the internet. The actor known as Mr. Perfectionist told about this funny experience with the laptop there.

At an event, Aamir Khan said, “Technology and I live far away. Let me tell you a funny story. In 1996, Shah Rukh and I were doing shows in the US and the UK. Shah Rukh has always had a penchant for technology. Even at that time in the nineties, he kept track of everything.”

The Bollywood actor also said, “At that time, a new type of Toshiba brand laptop came into the market. Shahrukh then decided to buy it. At the same time he also convinced me to buy that laptop. Although I didn’t need a computer, I agreed to Shahrukh’s request. I tell Shah Rukh, whatever you buy, buy one for me too.”

Recalling the incident of the later launch of that laptop, Amir said, “Five years after buying that laptop, my new manager asked for permission to launch it. With my permission, he went to turn on the laptop that had been lying unused for a long time. But it stopped working.”

Shah Rukh and Aamir have been acting with power for more than three decades in Bollywood. But even in this long time, they never shared the screen in the same movie. In 1993, the two actors were seen in cameo roles in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Pehla Nasha.

Shah Rukh Khan was last seen on the big screen in the movie Pathan which released last January. The action-packed film became the fifth Indian film to gross over Rs 1000 crore worldwide. King Khan will next be seen in the movie “Jawaan”. The film will be released in theaters on September 7.

On the other hand, Aamir Khan returned to the screen after a gap of four years with the movie “Lal Singh Chadda” last year. But Aamir’s comeback experience on the silver screen was not a pleasant one. In the face of boycott trend, the Hindi remake of Hollywood movie “Forest Gump” failed at the box office. As a result, Aamir paid Rs 100 crore as compensation for the film’s failure. Aamir Khan is currently on a temporary break from acting after the failure of the movie “Lal Singh Chadha”.