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Aanchal fast after marriage.

Actress Aanchal Sharma has been fasting for two days this year. Aanchal, who sat in a brat on the day of Teej, also sat in a brat on the day of Rishi Panchami. Aanchal did not sit in the brat before the wedding. Does she get a good husband by staying in the brat? I also thought that. Aanchal says, “I fasted on the day of Teej. I ate something only after seeing Udipaji’s face in the evening. Today I will eat after 12 o’clock. ‘

Aanchal fast after marriage. 1

Aanchal had also prepared for the brat last year. However, when she was hungry, she ate at 12 o’clock last year. “I didn’t have to pay taxes this time,” she says. Don’t rush to my house. But, I have kept the brat out of desire. ‘

After getting married, Aanchal says that she has matured. She said, “I was wondering why I should sit in a brat before marriage.” But, after getting married, it seems that what will happen to her husband one day when he is fasting? Maybe, now I am mature. ‘

Aanchal fast after marriage. 2

Before the wedding, Aanchal used to come only to make tea. However, she never showed interest in cooking. However, after the marriage, when the mother comes, she wants to cook for herself. Aanchal is starting to feel like a household garbage. Aanchal, who has been in Maiti for 3-4 days, says she is in a hurry to go home.


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