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Acting, Artist and Life.

It’s been a few months since I tried to write about acting. For a few months, I was searching for answers to questions such as where to start, which part to hold, which angle to look at, which direction to go. While struggling to write, I realized that it is difficult to write about this topic. I teach acting, I try to answer clearly until someone asks. But answering a question and writing something with your own inspiration is a different feeling. I did not think that I would have to go through the assembly in this process.

To write in this way is to prove your understanding. To speak, to gossip is to vanish into thin air, it can be said that I did not say it. To make public by writing means to make oneself public, to hand it over to the reader, it is important to understand its sensitivity. So this practice will be more difficult.

It is not easy to talk about life. And it is not limited to one angle. It cannot even be proved as ‘Hen’s proven’ as a calculation. People have different life experience, understanding, thinking, opinion and conscience. This is a natural truth. One can cut someone’s words, but proving that they are wrong is nothing but violence (unseen). It is not possible to measure abstract things like thoughts, understanding, and experience, to say right and wrong and to say wrong and right. Nor is there any formula to live life.

It is a worldwide tradition to consider life as an actor and its response as an actor. It is a worldwide belief that the world is a stage. It is a belief all over the world that we are guided by someone. Well, even though I don’t believe that, we have been using this idea as a shield in some cases. We have been reminding ourselves like this. Who is the director? It will vary from person to person. But even atheists have not been able to avoid this

Acting is reaction. But a response with a reason. Which is finally justified. Therefore, people are not wrong or right, there is a reason behind everyone’s actions and we should consider the reason and the situation and not the person.
Acting of life, when, how, where, why, for what, and for whom have we been doing it? At home for the family, in the yard for relatives, in the office to earn, to eat on the street, to protect with friends, to fight with the enemy, to escape from the world, to pray in the hospital, to study in school, to do violence in solitude, etc.

We are acting with someone else, in some place, at some time and in some situation. When we are alone, we are thinking, here too, another character called ‘mind’ or another character in imagination is taking place. Main actor Circumstances make someone where someone is. But in reality, we are all co-actors of everyone. Help each other, with or without expectations.

Acting with expectations is difficult, if it is not as it should be, it will cause heartache and quarrels. It is said that ‘expectation makes people dependent’. To be dependent means not to be automatic, to depend on others to run, to be like a machine. Mechanil acting in the language of acting. Something not going as expected, breaking down, stopping to move or life not progressing naturally. In the language of acting, being ‘loud’ means unrepentant acting.

But even when some life is going on naturally, it is loud, unusual, something different from normal, unnatural. But indigestible is not. why Because it is honest, it is true. As some life, rituals of life, traditions or sects are the natural way of life. In the language of acting, it is understood as ‘larger than life’. It is one of many styles of acting.

All actions in life have reasons. Except for some coincidences. It is said that life itself is a coincidence. Believe it or not. However, there is definitely a reason behind birth, and there is also a reason behind death. If you search or want to search, you will find a procession of reasons behind all the experiences, habits, tricks, gestures, speech, nature etc. Those who don’t seek, those who don’t know, those who don’t know. But there are reasons behind even the smallest feelings, desires, actions, reactions.

What does an actor do?

Sudham CK
The actor looks for reasons. These dimensions of life, experiences, feelings, reactions are searched for in a subtle way, read, go and feel and understand all these reasons. It is also known as backstory. In this context, the actor reflects another life with his body and voice. And it helps the people who come to see to understand life. Actors do not tell stories. Every co-actor is a story. They enjoy life. They don’t just suffer, but they make the reasons come alive and show the audience a way to understand themselves. Good, honest acting always inspires the audience to touch their hearts, look at themselves, realize their truth and realize themselves. This is an actor’s religion. Just as the religion of the eyes is to see the world, the religion of the tongue is to taste, the religion of fire is to burn, the religion of the soil is to grow.

A few days ago, there was an opportunity to meet Sabana Azmi. He told his experience about something. In acting, all the directors kept saying ‘memorize your line’, after two decades of career someone came and said ‘read your line’. It was like the hidden side of the coin. It was difficult but it was right. You don’t have to create the feeling yourself, you have to let it come naturally.Our traditional understanding is still to remember the line and not spoil it. Most of them


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