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Actress Samantha is going to South Korea for treatment.

Kathmandu- South Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is currently suffering from a serious disease called myositis. She is going to South Korea for treatment of this disease.

Last October, Samantha disclosed about her illness and revealed that she has been undergoing treatment for the disease for some time. She said that although the treatment continued, the level of recovery was very low. She is following Ayurveda method in treatment.

According to Samantha close, she is going to South Korea to spend some time for advanced treatment. She will stay there for a few months.

Myositis is an autoimmune disease. Patients with this disease feel very weak. There is severe pain in the muscles of the patient. Patients with these diseases have problems sitting, climbing stairs, and lifting weights. Patients experience fatigue even without doing any work. Sick many times due to this disease.They also become victims of depression.Samantha was last seen in the movie ‘Yashoda’. He has films like ‘Shakuntalam’, ‘Kushi’ and ‘Gadh’ in his pipeline.


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