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Aditya Narayan marrying his girlfriend Shweta.

Singer and television reality show host Aditya Narayan Jha is set to marry his girlfriend Shweta Agrawal this year.

Aditya and Shweta met on the set of the movie ‘Shapit’ released in 2010. After working together in this film, Aditya’s and Shweta’s love affair has moved forward.

Aditya has said that he is preparing to marry Shweta at the end of this year. Talking to Indian media, Aditya said, “We have been in love for 10 years and there have been many ups and downs between us. My family understands Shweta. I am happy that Shweta has come into my life. ‘

Shortly after Aditya and Shweta fell in love, there was talk of a breakup between them. However, Aditya thinks that such ups and downs will come in love relationship. He said that Aditya started liking Shweta after working together in the film and proposed to her shortly after.

Only a few days ago, singer Neha Kakkad had announced on social media that she was going to marry Rohan Preet Singh.


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