After born of baby we should put ghazal on baby eyes or not?

To put ghazal on the baby’s eyes or not?

 After a few months of birth, it is customary to make the baby tickle by putting ghazal on its eyes. Similarly, children are beautiful, Ghazal makes them look more ‘cute’. It is seen in the society that wearing ghazal will not get cold in the eyes and the eyes will also be bigger. But how accurate is this?

Recent studies have also shown that applying ghazal to the eyes of a newborn baby can be harmful.

“It is not true that applying ghazal to the eyes will prevent cold,” said Dr. Bhandari says, the eyes of newborn babies are very sensitive. In such a situation, if you apply ghazal, the use of chemicals in it can harm the child.

When wearing ghazal, there is a problem of red eyes, burning, and infection. lt blocks the way of tears, so the problem of more tears will increase. Bhandari says. Ghazal also causes allergies in some children.

Also, because the ghazal bought in the market contains too many chemicals, it can damage the eyes and other parts of the body. Bhandari says.

Risk of corneal ulcers

Dr. According to Bhandari, the cornea is also likely to be damaged while wearing ghazal. If there is continuous damage to the cornea, there is a risk of corneal ulcer.

Ghazal contains chemicals like lead carbon, which also uses oil to sustain it. “It is considered dangerous for the eyes,” said Dr. Bhandari says.

Is homemade ghazal safe?

Some people believe that kajal made from natural ingredients at home is safe. But natural ghazal made at home or any kind of ghazal outside is not safe for children’s eyes. Bhandari says. “Actually, the baby’s skin is very sensitive. Even a small carelessness can lead to infection. When applying ghazal, germs can get into the eyes even by using hands or sinks,” she says.



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