Alia Bhatt Never Wants To Give Up Working, Opens Up On Shifting Priorities After Decade : I Have A Family Now

Alia Bhatt recently talked about her career and work life balance. During this, the actress said that there was a time when she was ready to compromise on her family time and even sleep for work. but she doesn’t think so now. The actress, meanwhile, talked about the changes in her life in the last decade. She said that someone had told her that she could not be a good mother, a good son, or a good actress. She said that being the best is really tough. Alia also said that she will never stop working for the family.


I was ready to make all kinds of sacrifices.

Aaliya recalls her early days in the business and how, over time, her work came to take precedence when speaking with said,a. As I approached ten years in the film industry, things kept evolving, he claimed. But over the past ten years, a lot has changed in my life. There may have been a time when I was willing ando make any number of acrifices. Sleep and family time. The only two facets of my life at the time were work and shooting.

Of course, never stop working; bring balance to life.

Alia BhattAaliya further said, ‘But now I have a family… I have a daughter. I have a husband. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t spent all these 10 years with my parents, my sister, and my friends. But now I want to be able to do that. Talking about work life balance, Alia further said, – Of course, never stop working, but try and bring balance to life.

You will undoubtedly need to make some sort of compromise. Aaliya went on to discuss how to balance work and personal lives. The balance cannot always be the same, he said. You must always make some sort of concession. If you believe you can complete everything at once, you most likely will. But your mental image will undoubtedly accompany this.


This frequently occurs to me because I try to be active both personally and professionally everywhere I go. But I never have time for myself in the midst of all of these things. Because of this, I believe we should consider our priorities first.

People said I couldn’t be a good mother- Alia Bhatt

“Someone told me that you would never be a great mother, a great daughter, or a great actress,” the actress finally remarked. Being the best, in my opinion, is an overused adjective. Around us, excellence is more valued. Simply put, you must be kind, truthful, and open. So I make an effort to do that. With my family and friends, I am open-minded. However, even though I occasionally feel as though I am taking on too much, I also believe that I am moving forward with this responsibility. I have had no response.


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