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All Name List of Airports in Nepal

International Airport in Nepal

Here is the all name list of all Airports in Nepal. We have tried not to forget to enlist here the name of any airport located in Nepal. Name of airports of Nepal. There are about 35 airports in Nepal.

Among of them only 10 airports have paved runways and few airports are able to receive large aircraft. Here, we can list the names of airports in Nepal. The official webpage of Tribhuwan International Airport, Nepal is tiairport.com.np.

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Name list of Airports in Nepal with city’s name, usage, runway and length.

BaglungBaglungCivilianUnpaved2000 ft
BaitadiBaitadiCivilianUnpaved1600 ft
BaihangBaihangCivilianUnpaved2100 ft
BajuraBajuraCivilianUnpaved1800 ft
BhairahawaBhairahawaCivilianPaved5000 ft
BharatpurBharatpurCivilianUnpaved3800 ft
BhojpurBhojpurCivilianUnpaved1700 ft
BiratnagarBiratnagarCivilianPaved5000 ft
ChandragadhiChandragadhiCivilianpaved5000 ft
DangDangCivilianUnpaved2700 ft
DarchulaDarchulaCivilianUnpaved1900 ft
DhangadhiDhangadhiCivilianUnpaved5000 ft
DolpaDolpaCivilianUnpaved1500 ft
DotiDotiCivilianUnpaved1400 ft
GorkhaGorkhaCivilianUnpaved3600 ft
JanakpurJanakpurCivilianPaved3300 ft
JomsomJomsomCivilianUnpaved2000 ft
JumlaJumlaCivilianUnpaved2200 ft
Tribhuyan InternationalKathmanduCivilianPaved10000 ft
LamidadaLamidadaCivilianUnpaved1700 ft
LuklaLuklaCivilianAsphalt1600 ft
MahendranagarMahendranagarCivilianUnpaved2900 ft
ManangManangPrivateUnpaved2000 ft
MeghauliMeghauliCivilianUnpaved3500 ft
NepalguniNepalguniCivilianPaved5000 ft
PokharaPokharaCivilianPaved4700 ft
RajbirajRajbirajCivilianUnpaved4200 ft
RamechhapRamechhapCivilianUnpaved1700 ft
RukumkotRukumkotCivilianUnpaved1500 ft
RumjatarRumjatarCivilianUnpaved1800 ft
SanfebagarSanfebagarCivilianUnpaved1400 ft
SimaraSimaraCivilianUnpaved4000 ft
SimikotSimikotCivilianUnpaved1800 ft
SurkhetSurkhetCivilianUnpaved3400 ft
TumlingtarTumlingtarCivilianUnpaved4000 ft