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Amitabh bachchan taking 500 workers home from the plane.

Bollywood hero Amitabh Bachchan has come forward to help the workers. While artist Sonu Sud is working hard to get the workers home, Amitabh has also come forward.

Amitabh has arranged a plane to take the workers home. According to Indian media, he has booked three flights to take home 500 workers from Varanasi. The first flight took off on Wednesday morning with 180 workers. The other two flights will also be flown today, according to Indian media.

Amitabh does not want to publicize this. Therefore, he is doing this work under the supervision of Rajesh Yadav, Managing Director of his company AB Corporation Limited. It is said that Amitabh became emotional after seeing the condition of the workers and came forward to help them. Amitabh is also preparing to extend a helping hand to the workers of other states.


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