Apple co-founder sues YouTube.

Apple co-founder sues YouTube.

Kathmandu. Apple co-founder Steve Bhojniakle has launched the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Steven Jobs, founder of Apple Company, Bhojnia lost his name in a BitcoinSumbert fake video ad and signed Sodio Video Publishing nude.

Photos and video attachments of Steve Wozniak Apollodia’s celebrities on YouTube are fake videos and promotional ads edited publications, and those then-directed cryptocurrencies made YouTube users embezzle millions of dollars.

Bhojniakle’s Gattechnik has been a bit of a hoax since the recent Twitter Hwick Kandel scam.

Recently, Bitcoin Whika had Twitter accounts of Anuma Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk.

Ista Thachi video ads on YouTube Bhojniak Fatika’s famous personality details and people who use the videos Bitcoin repeatedly he added greed observation to the double incident. If you apologize to yourself.

There are millions upon millionsRecent Events in the YouTube Challenge Petitioner You have very few requests. Such videos are controlled on YouTube. In addition users were issued warnings about such difficult ads. Agency