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Argentina has won the World Cup

Argentina World Cup

Argentina won the World Cup when it was thirty six years old. Argentina won the World Cup by defeating France 4-2 in exceedingly long extra time in an exciting and dramatic match at Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

This is Argentina’s third title after winning the World Cup in 1978 and 1986, and after thirty six years, they won the World Cup.

France’s Kylian Mbappe regenerate the primary penalty within the extra time. Then Argentina’s Lionel Messi scored.

But Kingsley Coman, of the UN agency, scored the second penalty for France, which was blocked by the Argentinian keeper. Argentina’s second penalty was converted by Paulo Dybala.

Trailing 2-1, France’s third penalty was scored by Aurelian.

Leonardo Paredes scored the third penalty for Argentina to create the extra time (3-1).

France’s fourth penalty was scored by Randanel Colomuni, while Gonzalo Montel Webby scored the fourth penalty for Argentina.

Earlier in the game, Argentina couldn’t save the lead it had taken a pair of times, so the game reached extra time.

Argentina had a 2-0 lead for eighty minutes. Lionel Messi gave the team the lead with a penalty within the twenty third minute. Di Maria doubled Argentina’s lead within the 36th minute.

After a boring performance in the first half, France came back to the sport in the second half. However, France had to wait until the eightieth minute to get there. Kylian Mbappé, a UN agent, scored a penalty within the eightieth minute and equalized the game with another goal at ninety seconds.

After 2-2 goals from each group within the regular ninety minutes, the match was pushed to time beyond regulation. Within the 108th minute, Messi scored the second goal to give the team the lead once more.

But France got another penalty in the 118th minute. that the young star Mbappe failed to drop. Though he completed a hat-trick within the tournament final, his team lost within the extra time, and also the dream of winning the planet Cup for the second time in a row couldn’t be consummated.


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