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Fans should know this right away: Don’t approach Ariana Madix’s best friend Scheana Shay! When she was discovered hanging out with her best friend’s cheating ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval during a filming cast trip to Lake Tahoe earlier this week, the 38-year-allegiances old’s came under scrutiny. It all began when Scheana shared a video of the group travelling to Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant Wolf without Ariana and Katie Maloney. And as the @QueensofBravo fan account noted, Sandoval’s voice was audible in the background. They concluded from this that Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman had already been pardoned by Scheana and the group. The user of social media wrote:


“Is that Sandoval’s voice??? All is forgiven, I guess.”

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Scheana’s apparent reconciliation with Sandoval drew criticism from other fans as well; one even referred to her as “fake.” Everyone was upset and kept criticising Scheana for forgiving Tom when a picture of her and Sandoval embracing and smiling in a group photo with a fan surfaced. The podcast host, though, applauded in return. On social media, she insisted that she had not rekindled her friendship with the 41-year-old company owner, writing on Twitter:

“Who said all is forgiven?? We are all here for Lisa.”

She later said of the picture:


“I’m posing in a photo for a fan. I take photos w strangers on the daily and have my arm bent up behind ppl. End of story. Should I look miserable in a group fan photo I got thrown in walking to our car?”

On Instagram Stories, even Lala Kent defended her, claiming that the two of them, along with James Kennedy, Ally Lewber, Tom Schwartz, and Brock Davies, only posed with Sandoval in the picture because it was the fan’s birthday. Despite resetting the record numerous times over the last few days, Scheana continues to face abuse on social media. Ariana has now joined the conversation to declare that enough is enough. On her Instagram Stories on Friday night, she wrote:

“@scheana is an amazing friend who took a photo with a fan for their birthday. there’s been so many mean comments towards her for it and she was just doing something nice. we always try to stop for photos and when the whole cast is present, it’s common for the whole cast to be in the photo regardless of what is going on between any of us at the time.”

Ariana Madix Defends Scheana Shay's Photo with Cheater Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix / Instagram

Ariana wasn’t the only person to stand up for Scheana! In a since-deleted comment, her husband Brock weighed in on the controversy, saying they had just been “caught in a moment with a fan.” He went on:

“It’s hard not to reflect on the duality of public life. Love and support on one side, and hurtful comments on the other — particularly about my wife. It stings, it’s personal. Remember this — Vanderpump Rules is about real people, real friendships and real emotions spanning over 15 years. This isn’t just entertainment, it’s a part of our lives you’ve come to appreciate.”

Further criticizing Scheana for hanging out with Sandoval rather than Ariana, the 33-year-old said of the “unkind” messages she has received from fans:

“We’re not only in this for the pictures. We are here having a life and sharing it. It’s past time to encourage respect and empathy for real people, not just the fictional characters you see on television. Make this neighbourhood as genuine as the friendships you watch for. Let’s improve it.”


If Sandoval shows up at an event, particularly one that LVP is hosting, the cast cannot do anything about it. Since they have a contract to film a reality show, they don’t have complete control over those choices. And no matter how much they (or the public) despise him for having an affair with Raquel Leviss while Ariana was with him, the crew will have to cooperate with him in some way. Therefore, the hatred directed at Scheana and the group for—of all things—taking a photo with him is going way too far.


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