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Arjun Pokharel frozen in music.

Musician Arjun Pokhrel did not even imagine the success he is getting today when the song ‘Sani Mori Malai Man Paryo’ came out in 2061 BS. Born in Chitwan on September 3, 2039 BS, the musician struggled a lot in his career. While teaching music by opening Anurag Music School in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Arjun was looking for success. Many filmmakers promised to give him music in their films, but he did not.

Arjun, who started his career in film music by composing the top song of the movie ‘Dilmaya’, was introduced to the audience with songs like ‘ChhutchKiSaath, SunchuTimileMalai’.

The song from the movie ‘Stupid Mind’ hinted that he could add a new dimension to the song full of love. After composing music for the movie ‘Prem Geet’, Arjun became known as a versatile musician. After this, Arjun did not have to look back.

Arjun, who has composed music for 78 films, is now in a lone race for a love song. He has given hit music in movies like ‘I Sing Such a Song, I Sing Such a Song 2, Captain, Luck 2’.
Arjun’s songs like ‘Timi Roeko Pal, Bhanchu Aaj Manaka Kura, Kin Aajkal, Rahar Cha Samgai, Timro Ghar Ko Waripi, Ma Yasto Geet Gaunchu’ are the most popular songs.

Arjun, who is currently working on his own recording studio, was married to singer Durga Kharel this year. Arjun is the most listened to song in Nepali movie Love Story. Also, happy birthday to the musician.


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