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As the audience fills the theaters for the trailer debut, Adipurush Kriti Sanon sits down on the floor. The actress’s behavior is welcomed with mixed reactions.

In Mumbai, India’s largest city, the trailer for the film Adipurush, in which Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and other famous people appear, has just been presented. The star-studded trailer launch event, which took place on a large scale, was attended by the cast and crew. Adipurush has a very fervent following. The Adipurush teaser’s original photographs and videos are still widely shared online as you read this. In one of the videos, Kriti Sanon can be seen unwinding on the carpet next to the seats. The Kriti video has gotten mixed reviews from online users.

As the premiere of the Adipurush video draws a large crowd of onlookers, Kriti Sanon sprawls out on the ground.Along with the Adipurush trailer, Kriti Sanon, Prabhas, and Om Raut have all been experiencing significant online popularity. For their various insights into the movie or their experiences producing Adipurush, the epic retelling of the Ramayana, they are all attracting notice in the entertainment press. And it appears like a huge throng has traveled to Mumbai to take in the premiere of the Adipurush trailer. Prabhas and Kriti Sanon both enjoy a huge following across the entire country. Their union is already fairly well known. The actress walks into the busy, carpeted space and begins discussing Kriti’s video. She notices there are no seats left and moves to take one to watch the movie on the ground. The folks immediately around her offer her a seat, but Kriti is observed ignoring them.


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