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Ashishma’s question – “What kind of family is our film industry?”

Asishma Nakarmi

Actress Ashishma Nakarmi has not taken the film journey forward after her marriage. It can be seen that these beauties, who are making a good presence in the film industry before marriage, are now moving forward with their domestic life. However, she is filming music videos from time to time.

However, Ashishma is saddened by the controversy in the film industry over the past few months. On social media, she has raised the question of what kind of family the film industry is.

“We call ourselves the family of the Nepali film industry, but what kind of family are we?” She writes. What kind of family do we have that divides us into small parties? ‘

Ashishma also said that even though disputes inside the house can be settled inside the house, it should not be settled outside. Saying that the elders are not respected and the younger ones are not encouraged in the film industry, she has argued that there is no point in saying family. Saying that anger, pride, arrogance, pride and jealousy have increased in the film industry, she has questioned why the family is breaking up.

During the lockdown, not only was the debate in the film industry raging, but the filmmakers were also busy blaming each other. As a result, it has not been able to reach the audience with a quick message about the film industry.


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