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At Virginia-U.S. State Beach Firing were 12 People killed:

12 people killed at virgina state

At Virginia, a southeastern State extent 12 people were causley killed and many one will be physically damaged on Friday sportily fire  in a massive range shooting at the governer constructing place at the beach in the US state of Virginia.



Doubt the genuineness or truth of “Police said” that to defendant, no one at the long-term and present situation of Virginia state many employee at beach, firing then “indiscriminate killing of civilians” in a public utilities building.

When the fireman can’t releasing then at Virginia state of beach identically firing and their were 12 people killed in an exchange of gunfire with ascence of police.

Officials said an officer was wounded when a bullet struck his vest.

Unfold firing  how they killed?

Reports of gunfire began shortly after 16:00 (20:00 GMT) at Virginia Beach Municipal Center.

The area, which contains a range of city government buildings, was put into lockdown by police and employees were evacuated.

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“We just heard people yelling and screaming at people to get down,” Megan Banton, an administrative assistant in the building, told local television news station WAVY.

Another employee told the AP news agency she and others heard shooting, but did not think the gunfire was close.

“I just thank god they were able to alert us in time, because if it had been 10 minutes more we would have all been outside,” Sheila Cook said.

Police Chief James Cervera said the gunman returned fire on police officers at the scene and was killed in the exchange.

Police said they believed the gunman had acted alone.

What is known about the victims?

The identities of the 12 people killed were not released by authorities.

At least six people are known to have been wounded, including a police officer, but the severity of their injuries remained unclear.

The injured officer’s life was saved when a bullet struck his vest, Chief Cervera told reporters.

A White House spokesman said President Trump had been briefed about the shooting.