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Awarded by Nepali Chemistry Officer UNESCO

Nepali Chemist and Deputy Professor of Chemistry Central Department of Tribhuvan University. Achyut Adhikari has been awarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

UNESCO has decided to award ‘Atta-ur-Rehman Award-19’ to the Chemistry Officer of Nepal through the Word Academy of Science. Each year, the prize money given to a chemist or biochemist for research in different fields is $ 4,000.

The authorities had explored how to get rid of diseases like diabetes and blood pressure by using natural product Timur in Nepal. UNESCO’s response to natural remedies and other scientific discoveries has given them extra energy. He said the award was a joy not only to himself and the Central Department of Chemistry but also to entire Nepal.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Brazil. About five and a half years ago, he returned to Nepal to set up a natural product research laboratory. From this lab, he is doing new research. His research is related to local plants.

He said that the search for therapeutic products could enhance Nepal’s importance in the global market, adding that this award will give new energy to Nepali scientists.

‘When I was in Pakistan, my purpose was different,’ he said, ‘and I was focused on the search for natural herbs for diabetes and cancer. When I returned to Nepal, my focus changed. We do not have sophisticated laboratories, so I concentrated on setting up this lab because we cannot do deep research. ‘


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