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Bard, Chat GPT, or Bing? Which one is the king in the world of AI?

BARD, ChatGPT or Bing

Google has finally launched its much-awaited artificial intelligence-based chatbot, Bard. Soon, the company will add its support to its other apps and tools as well. Many people were eagerly waiting for the full version of Bard, and the main reason for such a wait was Chat GPT and the new search engine Bing based on it. In fact, people wanted to see what Google would bring to compete with Microsoft and Open AI’s products. Bard, Chat GPT, and Bing are all three platforms with AI-based chatbots. But when you use these three platforms, your experience can be completely different.

How is the bard?

When Google launched this chatbot, people did not have to wait for it. Bard’s access was opened to most users shortly after lunch. The company has launched it in 180 countries and three languages.

In terms of looks, it reminds me of Chat GPT. But it sounds like a very processed version. Maybe the user interface is a matter of choice. However, the look of Google Bard is clean and classic. In this, you can choose between light and dark theme options.

When Google Bard was launched, many thought that Google would bring something new to it and provide a great chatbot experience to the users. But it didn’t happen. This chatbot makes many mistakes, and Google has also alerted users about its mistakes.

In this, you get only three languages’ support. You have to carefully read the articles or notes written by Google Bard once again. That is, its writing cannot be relied upon. Because it may contain various linguistic and factual errors.

Also, there is no image support in Google Bard. It has a voice search option. In fact, it is essential for Google to further refine this platform in order to maintain its reputation.

How is chat GPT?

Only data up to 2021 will be available in Chat GPT. It accurately and superbly presents the information or data from that era. However, there have been instances where it hasn’t provided the right response in different situations. Using Bard and Chat GPT, you’ll see the biggest difference in how these chatbots interpret events. Bard uses a language that largely sounds computerized. While the language used in Chat GPT is similar to the natural language people use when conversing normally, In fact, using Chat GPT is more enjoyable than using Bard in terms of usage. Be it the user interface’s typing style or the response time. GPT Bard sounds inferior to chat in many ways. However, its ideal form, i.e.

How is the new Bing?

In actuality, Microsoft’s new Bing took the longest to load for users. Really, there was no need to wait for this launch. Users had to wait to access it after it launched. Bing used to return a variety of odd results when you searched it in the beginning as well. But Microsoft made some excellent changes over time. Any topic now has a better response from this search engine than from other artificial intelligence bots. There is no language barrier here. However, it only provides a very brief response. You can write any article with this. However, it unquestionably offers the information required for the article. In addition to providing the user with the information he seeks, it also offers a variety of pertinent links. Gained is


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