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Beautiful places of Nepal most travel

Beautiful places of Nepal most travel

Beautiful places of Nepal most travel

Beautiful places of Nepal most travel

People travel for various purposes. Some people travel for fun,entertainment while other travel for knowledge or for business. Likewise, some people even traveled as their favorite hobby, the noblest way of relaxation and pastime. There are lots of places to travel and one of them is pokhara which is an enchanting city.

It is extraordinary and beautiful place which is situated at the height of 884 metre and approximately 203 km to the west of the capital. Pokhara is a paradise city where there are lots of tourists to enjoy the sheer beauty of nature. Only one visit can make you have a beautiful memory. Pokhara is known for its scenic beauty. Hundreds and thousands of visitors go there to enjoy the hypnotic glamour of nature and trek around the valley.

The valley possess three large lakes i.e. Phewa, Begnas and rupa Ta. Phewa lake is the most beautiful and large lake and people do enjoy boating around it and row across to reach Barahi temple in the middle of lake. Whereas Begnas and Rupa lake are some distance away to the east of the town. Similarly towards the northwest side of the city,there is a limestone cave called the mahendra cave. This is the popular destination to all the visitors.

Nearly a couple of kilometer away to the south west of airport the river pardi flowing from the phewatal, suddenly drops into the ground and disappear. This waterfall is called Davis falls. Davis falls was named patale chhango before but when a tourist named Davis was standing too close to the fall with his girlfriend.

They were extremely tempted by the glamour of nature. Meanwhile the excess of the water was released from the phewatal that swept away his girlfriend. David instantly in attempt to rescue her dived into the water but unfortunately both disappeared forever. Therefore the waterfall is named after the eternal lovebirds. There is chamero cave as well. Pokhara is full of natural beauty and fresh air. It is a pure gift of nature.

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