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Benefits of having regular sex

Having regular sex intercourse is quite healthy for you. In fact, the act of having sex is actually much more than making love. There are a lot many changes which happen inside your body which people are unaware of. Sex, frankly, affects your body in more ways than one, including a change in your breasts. Yes, believe it or not, what we are claiming here holds true.
One of the most common benefits of having regular sex is seen in higher than normal cortisol levels and fitness of the body, a happier mood, and many more benefits.

Regular sex actually changes your body structure in the short term and the long term. For firsts, the short term difference you see is in your breast size. When you indulge in intercourse, the shape and size of your breasts undergo a temporary change due to the apparent change in the blood circulation. You might also notice that the veins around your breast become more prominent and make the breasts appear fuller and perkier.

Breasts can increase in size anywhere from 15 to 25 percent, which is certainly big. And all of this happens when you have an orgasm. Science can tell you WHY.

women’s orgasm, they undergo a plethora of changes. The heart beats faster, endorphins are released, dopamine levels shoot up and also, the body’s estrogen and progesterone levels also reach their peak, which is ultimately responsible for the stimulation of the breast tissue, making them perk up when you orgasm.

medical experts also say that during sex and ultimately climaxing, there are also chances that your breasts look different, including an apparent change in the color of your nipples and a change in the size. During sexual intercourse and foreplay, during stimulation, oxytocin is released which makes them erect.

However, experts warn that sex does not bring a change in your breast size long term. Only an event like pregnancy can do that. Temporary changes, such as the change in the size happen post orgasm and last for a very brief while.

sexual intercourse, and orgasm have a varying effect on the nervous system too. Blood levels pump up, the vessels dilate and the skin around the breasts swells up, making them increase in size.


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