25 Best Indian Blogs from Top Bloggers to Follow in 2023

Best Indian Blogs for Blogging is the practice of writing about a specific topic online, be it for hobby or business. Blogging has become a very popular industry in India, and many bloggers are creating content that is recognized globally.


Indian bloggers are making a global impact due to their unique perspectives, creative content and growing audiences. With over 1.3 billion people and endless stories, experiences and insights waiting to be shared, these bloggers do just that Following the top Indian bloggers provides a great opportunity to learn, grow, and discover new perspectives on different topics.

Personal Development and Motivation

When it comes to self-development and motivation, Indian bloggers have a unique take on the subject. Here are a few bloggers who are making their mark in this niche.

list of Best Indian Blogs 2023

Hashtag India

Hashtag India inspires people to live their best lives. The blog covers topics like mindfulness, self-care, and personal development, providing readers with the tools and inspiration needed to overcome life’s challenges.


Naptime Chai

Naptime Chai, a blog founded by a working mother, empowering women to take charge of their lives. The blog covers lifestyle, travel, and career development.

The Balanced Mind

The Balanced Mind shares holistic living practices and the growth mindset. It focuses on building mental and emotional strength, finding balance in life, and cultivating positivity.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness niche has grown rapidly in India over the past decade. Here are some of the leading blogging voices in the industry.


NDTV Food is a popular destination for those looking for healthy recipes and food tips. The blog covers everything from Ayurvedic principles to modern western nutritional advice.

Indian Weight-Loss Blog

Indian Weight-Loss Blog provides readers with tips, strategies, and information on how to achieve long-term weight loss goals. The blog covers healthy eating, exercise, and mental health.

Sizzling Magazine

Sizzling Magazine is the ultimate beauty destination. The blog shares skin and hair care tips, makeup tutorials, and product reviews.

Entrepreneurship and Business

The startup culture in India has significantly impacted entrepreneurship and business blogging. Here are the top business bloggers in India.


YourStory is a storytelling platform that encourages entrepreneurs to share their business stories. The blog covers news, interviews, and insights from some of the most successful Indian founders.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak is a one-stop-shop for online marketing. With a focus on digital marketing, the blog shares detailed guides, case studies, and actionable advice.

Arpit Aggarwal

Arpit Aggarwal is an expert in startup strategy. His blog covers topics like fundraising, hiring, and scaling a business. His insights are invaluable for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.

Travel, Culture and Lifestyle

Indian culture is incredibly diverse, and traveling within the country provides a unique perspective on life. Here are some bloggers who delve into the culture and lifestyle niche.


IndiTales is a travel blog with a twist. It explores Indian history, heritage, and culture through the lens of travel storytelling.

Desi Traveler

Desi Traveler explores offbeat travel destinations, uncovering the hidden gems of India. The blog offers a unique perspective on travel that goes beyond the typical tourist spots.

Mindful Yoga With Sarvesh Shashi

Sarvesh Shashi is the founder of Mindful Yoga, which combines travel, mindfulness, and personal development. He writes about his experiences of yoga, travel, and self-development.

Fashion and Beauty

The Indian fashion industry is one of the most vibrant and rapidly changing in the world. Here are some bloggers who are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

The Curious Jaybird

The Curious Jaybird covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. The blog provides readers with an insight into the fashion world, including exclusive interviews with emerging designers and industry insiders.


Corallista is a makeup and beauty blog that offers step-by-step tutorials, product reviews, and beauty advice. The blog covers everything from drugstore to high-end products.

Ms Coco Queen

Ms Coco Queen is a versatile fashion blogger who writes about everything from street style to formal wear. She provides readers with style inspiration and tips on how to put together different outfits.

Science and Technology

The Indian IT sector has been a driving force behind the growth of tech blogging. Here are some bloggers who are shaping the industry. is one of the premier tech news platforms in India, covering everything from startups to the latest smartphones. The blog simplifies complicated tech news and makes it easy for readers to stay up-to-date.


Fossbytes is a tech news website that shares information on the latest technology trends, security risks, and how-to tutorials. The blog provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the tech world.


Techricity is all about staying current with technological advancements. The blog covers topics like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IOT platforms, giving readers a glimpse into the future of technology.


India’s enthusiasm for sports is unmatched, and the country’s sports bloggers are some of the most dedicated. Here are some bloggers who are covering the sporting world.

Cricket Addictor

Cricket Addictor offers the latest news, analysis, and commentary on cricket. The blog covers everything from IPL updates to World Cup analysis.

The Bridge

The Bridge provides comprehensive coverage of India’s sports industry, covering everything from the biggest matches to the smallest details.

Sports by Pranav

Sports by Pranav covers all sports, from cricket to basketball. The blog offers insightful analysis and commentary on the latest sporting events and trends.


The above-listed bloggers offer unique perspectives and insights into their respective niches. Whether you’re looking for travel tips, business advice, fashion inspiration, or motivational content, these bloggers have you covered.


What is an Indian blogger?

An Indian blogger is someone who writes for an online audience on a variety of topics, from personal development to sports. They are based in India and share their unique perspective on different issues.

What criteria were used to compile a list of 25 best Indian bloggers?

The list was compiled by researching the top blogs in different niches and analyzing their impact, audience engagement, quality of content and how well they are received and recognized globally.

What is the contribution of Indian bloggers to the growth of the global blogging industry?

Indian bloggers have contributed to the growth of the global blogging industry by offering their unique perspectives, experiences, and insights on different topics. They have helped revolutionize the way people consume information by making it more relatable and accessible to a wider audience.



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