Bhuvan KC increased the advisory committee to 9 members.

Kathmandu. The number of advisory committee members of Film Development Board has reached 9. President Bhuvan KC has appointed two more advisers from the Film Association on Tuesday.

With the appointment of Gopal Kayastha and Govind Shahi on behalf of the exhibiting organization, the size of the advisory committee has increased. After being appointed as the chairman, KC formed an advisory committee under the coordination of Neer Shah.

Deepashree Niraula, Akash Adhikari, Ravindra Khadka, Shovit Basnet, Sushant Kumar Shrestha and Vidhan Karki are also members of the committee.

Former President Dayaram Dahal said that the President can appoint advisors as per the need. “Advisor is not an executive position, it is only to give suggestions to the president,” he said, “There is no limit to what should be done.” It means that it can be kept if necessary.But in recent months, after one after another, the board was dragged into controversy, the role of the advisor was raised by the film circle.


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