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Bhuwan’s sarcasm to the samragyee – “to eat on the same plate”.

A few days ago, samragyee Rajyalakshmi Shah made the video public on social media and mentioned that she was saddened while working with some filmmakers. She also said that she was harassed while working.

While the samragyee was saying this, her sarcasm was also on the hero Bhuwan KC. Some time ago, she said that the protagonist Anmol KC and herself were discriminated against during the filming of the movie ‘Dreams’.

The samragyee says, “I had a very bad experience working on the film.”Producer and director Bhuwan KC has expressed dissatisfaction after the samragyee repeatedly mentioned her name on social media.

The samragyee was introduced to the field by Bhuwan from his film ‘Dreams’. Bhuwan writes- ‘What movie is the actress who is crying and crying on social media saying that she has not got any food? Put the dulu on the same plate you eat on. Doing the same thing on social media is like acting in a movie. ‘

Bhuwan has even accused the samragyee of making a name for herself in the film industry by selling the brand of ‘Dreams’. The samragyee did not respond to a request for comment.


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