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Bhuwan warns the samragyee not to spread false propaganda against him.

Producer, director and hero Bhuwan KC has warned heroine samragyee Rajyalaxmi Shah not to spread false propaganda about herself. Actress Shah had posted a video on social media saying that KC had shown disgusting behavior at an awards ceremony held in Japan since she suffered during the filming of the movie.

“I have taken serious note of the content you posted about me on social media, mentioning unrestrained and false things about a father-like person to give you a break,” KC said in a statement addressed to the samragyee.

The actor KC has even mentioned that he has informed not to post the video again as it will hurt his reputation.

The actor KC has written a warning to the samragyee. I would like to inform you about the initiative to start. ‘

Bhuwan said that he was surprised that the samragyee had insulted him three years after the release of the film, saying that she did not get food during the filming of ‘Dreams’ and did not wear an umbrella.

After this status of Bhuwan, the dispute between the samragyee and Bhuwan is likely to continue.