“Bollywood needs to reflect,” says Vivek Overay.

Attending the funeral of Bollywood hero Sushant Singh Rajput, hero Vivek Overay said that Bollywood should be made a single family. Vivek has mentioned that even if Bollywood is our family, it cannot be applied in practice.

“I hope that Bollywood, which calls itself a family, will reflect on this,” he wrote on social media. We need change. We need people who care less and care more.

Kangana’s question to the Bollywood actor is, “Is it Sushant’s suicide or a premeditated murder?” Vivek has mentioned that the pain he saw on Sushant’s father’s face while attending the funeral was indescribable.

“The expression on my father’s face as I watched Sushant’s funeral was unbearable,” he wrote. It was indescribable when I saw her sister crying and begging her father to return her brother. ‘

Stating that Bollywood is trampling on the talented, he pointed out the need for self-reflection in this regard.


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