‘Bring black glasses’: Dolma’s song at Kyrgyzstan concert goes viral.

Bring dark glasses

He says come and bring the pirti

I chose you

Who are you looking for?

This song has been going viral on Tiktok for a week. Celebrities have lip-synced to this song and made hundreds of ticktocks.

This song, which suddenly became viral, is one of the most popular songs on social media, which has not been affected even by the election rumors of November 4.

How was this song made with the voice of Dolma Hyolmo, who has been performing for three decades? The discussion and views of this song have also surprised the singer Hyolmo. So far, this song has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube and hundreds of people have made TikTok videos. The composition behind the creation of this song is also interesting.

Dolma had prepared a song especially for a cultural event in Kyrgyzstan. The video of him singing on stage has received more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

After the release of the video of this song, which was recorded two months ago, Dolma is once again in the limelight. The Tiktok generation has got the opportunity to bond with him.

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I have a habit of taking one song or another when I go to a program abroad. I had prepared this song for the program in Kyrgyzstan. But I didn’t even think it would become such a hit and viral,” said Dolma.

Why black glasses? Dolma says, “I made this song for the audience. Coats are worn for winter. Shoes are worn to prevent thorns from growing on the feet. Black glasses work for everyone. Blind, sun-scorched, snow-eaten. This song has become a hit because it is suitable for everyone.

After this song became a hit, Dolma informed that she is thinking of making ‘Kalo Chasma Lau Behta-2’ as well. Even as people grow older, they become like children. Glasses are also for all age groups. Even though I am older, glasses are useful for me too, she said.

Sometimes I am America

Sometimes I go to Japan

That’s why we didn’t meet

Although this song before Dolma was not viral, it got a lot of buzz. No one knows which song will go viral. Even Dolma herself did not know that Chasma’s song would become viral.


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