Can Mansarovar become the choice of Indian tourists?

Hindus have great faith in Pashupati Temple. They come in thousands every year to visit Pashupati Temple. which has given great support to Nepal’s religious tourism. The Pashupati Temple of Nepal is on the World Heritage List because it is special for Hindus from all over the world.

Because of this, Pashupati’s popularity and glory have increased all over the world. Along with Pashupati, another place that Indians have great faith in is Kailash Mansarovar. To go to Kailash Mansarovar, located in China, you have to use the Nepalese route.

Sadhguru also came to visit Mansarovar a little while ago with Rahul Gandhi, president of the Indian Congress. Who used the Nepali way. Sadgur also visited Mansarovar from Lapcha and Limi in Humla.

Can Mansarovar become the choice of Indian tourists? 1It has given greater support to Nepal’s tourism. Since then, Indian tourists have come to Nepal again and again and visited Humla’s Limi and Lapcha. But due to the current situation, visiting Mansarovar is expensive.

For this, Indians come to Nepalgunj or Kathmandu and then land at Simkot airport in Humla and reach Mansarovar by walking or by chartering a helicopter. But now, understanding the wishes and aspirations of Indians, mountain flights are taking place from Nepalgunj.

To visit Mansarovar from Nepalgunj Airport, Natta Banke Chapter has started the Mansarovar Mountain Flight from Western Travel Mart this time. It is intended to bring Indians who visit Mansarovar through Nepal into a great historical situation.

Can Mansarovar become the choice of Indian tourists? 2The mountain flight starting on January 16th is the first flight from Nepalgunj to Mansarovar. Vineet Shah, Head of Nepalgunj Airport for Buddha Air, said that the first flight will bring a new dimension to Nepal’s tourism sector.

He stated that the Mansarovar route could not be confirmed right away because the flight had never been done before. While going to Mansarovar, it is estimated that one can see Rara, She-Foksundo Lake, Khaptad, and Badimalika from the boat.

Similarly, it is estimated that one can view Kanjirova Himal, Chankheli Himal, Sisne Himal, and other Karnali and far western mountains. But more importantly, can Mansarovar become the first choice for Indian tourists or not? That is the main concern and interest.

Being affected by the mountain flight with about 66 Indian tourists, if it has a positive effect in the coming days, Nepalgunj will be filled with Indian tourists in the coming days. Five casinos are currently operating in Nepalgunj, focusing on Indian businessmen.

If the first flight is successful, Nepalgunj will be filled with Indian tourists. Due to this, the tourist areas from Pokhara to Mansarovar and Khaptad will be greatly supported. It will show great potential for the tourism industry in West Nepal.

The most important thing is that it will also make a difference in the tourist outlook of West Nepal. It seems that if the infrastructure, accessibility, and, more importantly, communication play a major role in the promotion of tourism in West Nepal, its achievements will be extraordinary.

For this, West Nepal’s tourism businessmen are currently working on the successful planning and management of Weston Travel Mart to give Indian tour operators a successful visit to Bageshwari Temple, Kailash Mansarovar, and Thakur in Bardia National Park.

Our aim is to add a new dimension to the tourism development of western Nepal. For this reason, we are doing the Mansarovar Mountain Flight at the same time as Travel Mart. Chairman of Natta Banke Chapter, Sriram Sigdel, said in a press conference held on Saturday that “mountain flight will play a big role for Mansarovar along with Mart in promoting tourism and new destinations in West Nepal.”


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