Leonardo DiCapria, Brad Pitt and others at the 72nd Cannes

Celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford will attend the Cannes red carpet

Cannes, which is considered to be the prestigious festival of world films, is starting next week. Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Harrison Ford and others are expected to walk the red carpet, according to Reuters. The festival, which will be held on the French Riviera, will last for 11 days.

This year’s festival is the 76th edition of cinema’s biggest exhibition, consisting of screenings, press conferences, and glamorous parties. This time, nothing has been revealed about who will participate in Cannes from Nepal. But the government is ready to send a representative from India. Here some facts about Cannes will be presented.

What is Cannes Festival?

Cannes is the world’s largest film festival, which started in 1939 as an alternative to the Venice Film Festival against the then-fascist government. This festival has been organized every year since 1946 except in 1948 and 1950. In those years, this festival was stopped due to lack of funds.