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Changing the structure of Gopi Krishna Hall after 25 years

Gopi Krishna Hall or Gopi Krishna Movies is a movie theater in Chabahil. The movie theatre has 7 screens with seats for 3000 viewers. The theater shows Nepali movies daily in 3 intervals starting from 8:20 am. Gopi Krishna Movies is a popular movie theater among Nepali movie viewers.

After watching Gopi Krishna’s commercial ‘collection’, the producers used to guess what would be the hit-flop of their film. Gopi Krishna was the box office for the filmmakers. Most of the producers, directors, and actors of the films screened on Friday would have reached Gopi Krishna. In a way, this scene was like a fair. ‘The film is still there. Spectators also used to come here to see the artist, ‘said Nikita.

“Yesterday, the audience could only watch the film here,” said Nirak, who is also the project’s managing director. There will be a shopping mall. We will build a five-star hotel. GKCC will become a kind of entertainment hub. Meanwhile, Nirak is preparing to bring three halls into operation to keep the audience connected with Gopi Krishna. The Om, Nam, and Shivaya halls, which were added eight years ago, are being repaired. ‘Three halls will be named RGB. We are repairing it by making the theme of the collar, ‘he said,’ RGB i.e. red, green, and blue. Inside the red hall are chairs, carpets, and ceilings at night. While the complex is being built, the audience will be able to watch the film in these three halls.


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