Church Boys became the champion in the first season

Charsha Boys United became Shaheed Smarak A Division League champions in the first season. After playing a goalless draw against Threestar at Dasharath Stadium on Tuesday, Church Boys won the league title with one game left. Church Boys has become the second team to make a rare history of becoming consecutive champions from C Division selection to A Division in Nepali domestic football structure.


Earlier, Manang Masryangdi Club made history by becoming consecutive champions from D to A Division. From 2039 to 2043, Manang became the D, C, B and A division champions. Church Boys, which equaled Manang’s record, is a club established in 2066.

This team, which failed five consecutive times in the C Division selection, won the C Division selection title in 2076. This team won the title of C Division in 2077 and B Division in 2078 and won the title of A Division League this season. This time, he won the title by beating Machindra, the former winner twice in a row.

After the draw on Tuesday, the church boys scored 45 points from 25 games in the league, which is run on the double round robin system. Machindra has 39 points with 2 games to play.


Even if Machindra wins the remaining two games and Church Boys lose to Jawalakhel Youth in the last game of the league, it will not affect the title. Because Church Boys is ahead of Machindra in head to head.

Church Boys have got 12 wins, 8 draws and 4 losses in 25 matches of the league. Coach Pradeep Humagain resigned due to work permit issues after the sixth round of the league which started on February 19.

Balgopal Maharjan took over the training of the team from the eighth round. Due to the tie with the Church Boys, Three Star has 29 points and is third from the bottom.


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